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Ultimate Workout Bundle


The perfect formula for women who want to lose weight

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Total Body Guide
Lovella Ultra Lean
Lovella Multivitamin
Lovella Vanilla Whey Protein
Lovella Shaker Bottle
Lovella Beauty Buy 1, Get 1 Free
Lovella Omega
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The Perfect Formula For you

Total Body Guide

Build Muscles
Get Toned
Shape Your Legs

Lovella protein

30 grams of protein per serving
Builds lean muscle
Fast recovery after exercise
Low carb
Mixes Instantly
Decreases appetite
Zero Aspartame

Lovella Ultra Lean

Improves workout results
Increases caloric burn
Mobilizes stubborn fat
Accelerates weight loss

Lovella Multivitamin

High Quality A-Z vitamins
Strengthens the immune system
Helps with illness recovery
Improves cognitive functioning
Easy to Swallow Capsules

Lovella Beauty Buy 1, Get 1 Free

Repairs hair follicles
Generates fuller and thicker hair
Stimulates and accelerates hair growth
Exfoliates and nurtures a glowing skin
Stops hair loss
Strengthens nails

Lovella Omega

Improves brain function
Supports Joint health
Promotes a healthy heart
Helps lower triglycerides
Helps decrease memory loss

Lovella shaker

Great for protein shakes


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