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Skin Changes After Weight Loss

Dropping weight is almost never a bad thing, especially if you have been struggling with it for a while. In the midst of your celebration though, you may come across a whole new problem to worry about – changes in your skin. There are a number of skin changes after weight loss, depending on age, health, and other factors. If you’re going through this transition at the moment or simply trying to prepare for the future, the tips below will help you keep your skin looking its best after losing weight.

Types Of Skin Changes After Weight Loss

Weight loss brings about a wide range of health benefits, but some of them take a little while to kick in. During this time, your skin may show signs of wear and tear because it is trying to catch up with the other changes in your body. Some of the most common skin changes after weight loss include:

  • Dry Or Oily Skin
  • Sagging Skin
  • Fine Lines And Wrinkles
  • Cellulite
  • Leftover Scars And Stretchmarks

Depending on the amount of weight you lose, you may go through multiple skin changes as you work toward your ideal weight. Tackle each of these transitions as they come about, and you will be able to keep your skin looking its best.

Keep Your Skin Moisturized

Try to keep your skin as moist as possible, unless you have problems with oiliness. Most people who are overweight will see positive changes in their skin’s moisture levels once they go on a diet, but there are some eating regimens that dry out the skin. At the very least, maintaining the moisture levels in your skin will keep it looking as plump as possible, which will fill in the divots that were once backed by fat. Find a good moisturizing cream to use on a daily basis, and you’ll make your skin look soft and smooth.

Use Microdermabrasion at Home

Microdermabrasion is a process that takes off the dead skin cells at the surface and encourages new cells to grow. As you shed weight, it’s a good idea to shed these dead cells as well because they can make your skin look duller than it actually is. The new cells that grow will be just as vibrant as they would be for a baby, so you can instantly look younger and healthier after microdermabrasion. Once you get used to this, you’ll find yourself trying it all the time.

Practice Good Hygiene

You may have folded skin after weight loss. This is because your skin is losing its elasticity and cannot properly contract itself. Some people are required to go through surgery to remove that excess skin, depending on their age, health, and overall weight loss. In the meantime though, it is important to wash the cracks and crevices well. All of those areas can get gunk caught in them, which can potentially lead to infection or foul odors. You can avoid all of that with proper hygiene.

Use Sunscreen When Outside

Larger people are used to covering up when they go outside, but that all changes when you lose weight. If you suddenly find yourself showing off your new frame, you need to make sure you protect it with a little sunscreen. Even if the only area exposed is your face, you need to apply moisturizer or foundation with SPF in order to avoid sunburn. This will keep your skin looking its best for years to come.

There is no reason to avoid showing off your stunning new body. You just have to make sure your skin highlights it in the right way. Follow the tips above, and you’ll look great no matter what.


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