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Make Your Own Recipe Book

With the cost of eating out soaring beyond reach nowadays, most of us are learning to cook at home to survive. This calls for a set of recipes that we can look to when we want to make a meal. If you are tired of pinning your favorite recipes to the fridge when you need them, you may want to make your own recipe book that you can look to at any time. There are a few different ways to do this, depending on how you like to view your recipes when you cook. Check out this guide to learn how to make your own recipe book.

Printable Recipe Books

If you store copies of your favorite recipes on your computer, you can always print them off and store them in a binder for reference. With printer paper, a hole punch and a three ring binder, you can make a full book to use in the kitchen when you need it. You could cover the paper with plastic page protectors, just in case you spill something on the paper while you cook. You can separate your recipes with binder dividers to keep everything organized, and then you will have an easier time finding a recipe you need when you need it. Add to the binder as you like, and you’ll have your own foodcyclopedia in no time!

Note that you can also use magazine pages or handwritten recipes in your binder, as long as you have page protectors to slide the paper in. Make your own hodge-podge masterpiece that you can turn to day after day.

Index Card Recipe Folders

If you prefer to have index cards on hand instead of an actual recipe book, you can do that too. Simply write out the recipes on index cards and put them in an index card holder for safe keeping. If you have a huge assortment of recipes, you could put them in a file organizer to refer to whenever you need them. You could also use different card colors for different kinds of recipes. That is up to you. With the right plan though, you should have no trouble getting access to all of your most important recipes.

Digital Recipe Books

Want access to all of your favorite recipes no matter where you are? Consider creating a digital recipe book. There are many ways to go about doing this. You could create a Google Spreadsheet or similar document online that contains links to all of your favorite recipes. You could save screenshots of the recipes and store them in Dropbox. If you like using Google Chrome as your web browser, you could use the Google Bookmark Manager to save bookmarks on your computer that you could access from any Android device. You could even email links to yourself and then store the emails in a “recipe” folder in your inbox.

Use some or all of the tips above to create your own recipe book to use time and time again.

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