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Prevent Stretch Marks With These Workout Adjustments

When you start to gain weight, your skin has to stretch to accommodate. Then when you start to lose weight, those stretch marks will still stick around. You may not be able to eliminate stretch marks entirely, but you can adjust your workouts to reduce their appearance as much as possible. Here are some workout adjustments designed to help you get rid of stretch marks.

Make Slow Changes To Your Weight Loss And Muscle Building

So many people are focused on getting thin or bulking up that they forget to take things slow. As much as it may pain you to wait a long time for results, doing so will give your skin a chance to adjust. You can’t just start piling on muscles or dropping rolls of fat without letting your body get used to the new you. If you do, you’re going to end up with a lot of stretch marks to get rid of. Rest your body every other day to allow it time to heal, and then get back out to the gym to work out. A little discipline will go a long way.

React At The Early Signs Of Stretch Marks

If you start to see stretch marks forming, do something about them. The longer they sit on your body, the harder they are going to be to get rid of. If they’re forming because you’re gaining weight in an area, focus on it for a bit. If they’re forming because you’re building muscles there, focus on a different part of the body for a while. Move your workouts to correspond with your skin, even if that means focusing on a part of the body you don’t exactly care about.

Work Out In Moderation

There is nothing wrong with being passionate about your craft, but you need to work out in moderation. You can’t go full force every single day and expect your body to look right. Lose weight and build muscles slowly, while still putting forth an effort to change. If you think you’re going too far, take a break. You are the only person that knows your limits.

Massage Your Skin To Encourage Circulation

You should massage your skin when you get through with a workout to encourage circulation. This will also improve your chances of growing new skin cells, which will be able to fill in the gaps where the stretch marks want to be. Use this as an excuse to relax after a hard day at the gym and go in for a full body massage. You may feel a little girly at first, but you’ll like being pampered over time. Just don’t get used to that every day. You may never want to work out again!


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